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Learn about the different brow techniques here but rest assured during your consultation I will assess your skin and advise which technique would be best suited to you. Prices & process can be found below.



Microblading is a manual technique where the artist uses a single use, disposable hand held tool. This tool houses a sequence of needles tightly packed together to create a blade. This blade is then glided through the skin to make tiny incisions into which the pigment can be absorbed and forms a hair stroke. Shading/Ombre brows as well as hair strokes can be created with this method. It is not always suitable for oily skin and the digital/machine method would usually be recommended as an alternative.

Results last up to 2 years but an annual colour boost is always recommended to maintain crisp hairstrokes. 

Digital Brows

The machine method, also known as digital brows, powers a tiny fine needle cartridge which implants pigment into the skin at the same depth as Microblading. However, the machine and needle allows more colour to be compacted into the skin which creates beautiful crisp, bold hair strokes that can sometimes be longer lasting, up to 3 years. 

Ombre, shading and powder brows are most frequently created with this method.

Suitable for all skin types but will be specifically beneficial to clients who want slightly longer lasting results than the Microblading and also those with oily skin where microblading strokes may struggle with retention. 



Booking an appointment is simple, just head to my contact page.

After arranging a date for your Semi permanent Brow appointment- medical forms are provided electronically to your email & a patch test pack can be collected from the salon. If you wish to book a face to face or FaceTime consultation this is an option too.

Once this has been completed a £50 booking fee is required.


On the day 

Following an in-depth consultation, brow design, map & colour match - your new brows will be created with the chosen tattoo method and then we rebook you 6-8 weeks later for a complimentary colour retouch.

 Annual colour boosts are an option and recommended to maintain fresh, crisp results.

Duration : optional Consultation 15 mins

Main appointment : 2-2.5 hours

Colour retouch : 1 hour

Healing time : Up to 2 weeks


Semi Permanent Brows

- either Microblading or Digital brows

Hair stroke, Ombre or Combination

£325 including deposit and a 6 week complimentary colour retouch.

(£50 at initial consultation followed by £275 at 1st brow appointment)

Annual colour boost prices are based upon your last visit:

6-9 months £100 | 9-12 months £125

12-15 months £150 | 15-18 months £175

Colour retention is dependant on aftercare. If no pigment remains, full price will be charged after 12 months

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