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Is it safe?

Yes. I only use KB Pro's award winning pigment range. The pigments I apply to the skin are produced from pharmaceutical grade ingredients and are manufactured under very strict European guidelines that govern their production and sterilisation. 

I pride myself on following strict hygiene procedures. All needles are sealed and disposed of after every client along with all equipment being cleaned to the highest standard with medical grade cleaners.

A patch test will always be carried out before treatment to ensure you have no reactions. 

My clinic has been inspected in person by Suffolk County Council and I hold a license for both myself and my premises. 

Is it painful?

The procedure has been described as slightly uncomfortable by some and completely pain free by others. Every client will have a different pain threshold. I use two different numbing agents to provide maximum comfort possible throughout. Most clients are surprised at how little they feel. Having the treatment during your menstrual cycle does increase sensitivity so please bare that in mind when booking an appointment.

How long do the results last?

Longevity depends between clients and will be down to skin type, skincare, genetics, environmental factors but mostly aftercare. Semi permanent brows last much longer when the client applies spf daily and protects the pigment from UV rays. Digital brows tend to last longer than microblading and require less top ups. For more information on these different methods please see the Services page.

What to know before your treatment:

No alcohol or caffeine 24 hours prior to treatment

No Asprin or Ibuprofen 2 days prior to treatment. Paracetamol is ok to use

Do not wax/tint brows within 1 week prior

No anti ageing injections, treatments, botox or fillers 2 weeks either side of brow appointment

Wash hair prior to avoid washing same day after appointment

How do I make an appointment?

It's simple, just head to the contact page and either email me or fill in the booking form.

This will depend on how much pigment you have left and how long ago you had them done. Ideally I require almost completely faded so my work is visible and desired pigment colour results achieved. If you have previous pigment remaining by a different artist you must make me aware of this upon booking and I will likely need to see you for a face to face consultation or clear photos must be provided. 

Can you cover previous brows I've had done elsewhere?
Do you have to shave off my brow hair before treatment?

No this procedure isn't like a regular tattoo. I will work with your natural brow hair and ideally please don't tweeze before your treatment as I will shape them for you before we start.

What should I expect before my 6 week colour retouch?

These 'brow emotions' are completely normal but rest assured - you can contact me to query anything, anytime whilst your brows are healing.

What different brow techniques do you offer?

To learn more about these techniques and the services I offer please head to the services page.

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